At NCRP, we realized that a big issue that plagues many communities, including here previously, is arguing between the different departments about whose is better. Often, this starts as friendly banter between members of departments and gradually escalates into hostility and creates an environment where the different departments would rather work RPs shorthanded and/or with underqualified personnel than work with the other departments. This leads to lower quality RP which in turn causes people to lose interest in creating good RP and often makes people not want to RP at all. Our solution to this issue as part of our relaunch is the creating of the New Chance Department of Public Safety. NCDPS is the single department that encompasses all aspects of Emergency Services at New Chance. Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services, Search and Rescue/Public Safety Dive Team, Dispatch, and State operated Tow/Roadside/Highway crews. In addition to addressing potential hostility between different agencies, having a unified department also allows DPS personnel the freedom of operating as any part of the emergency service spectrum.

As a Cadet with the NCDPS, you will receive basic training in all the primary aspects of NCDPS operations, LEO, Fire, Rescue, EMS, and Tow/Roadside. This basic training will allow you to go on duty as whichever aspect you wish to. Additionally, for example, if you are on duty as LEO and there is a big fire scene and additional firefighters are needed, you can head to a Fire apparatus and change into fire gear and assist. If you are on duty as a firefighter and someone needs roadside or towed and there is no civilian tows available, you can grab a tow truck and handle the call. This being said, we also understand there will be some people who only want to be LEO or Fire/Rescue, or EMS, or whatever your preference is. You will still be required to undergo the basic training for all aspects but we will not require anyone to receive advanced training in any aspect they are not interested in nor will we require anyone to go on duty in a division they do not wish to. You only want to do LEO work, you are absolutely free to do so. Being cross trained in the other aspects however will give you the ability to do the other jobs if you want and will give you some insight into how the other parts of emergency services work. This will allow all DPS member the ability to better understand what they can do to assist the fellow DPS personnel, no matter what division they are operating as. 


NCDPS Application Requirements and Process:

  • You must be a Registered Civilian at NCRP
  • At this time, we do not currently have a minimum age requirement. We have found that generally speaking, understanding someone's maturity and abilities is more important than their actual age. We've seen several younger RPers who were capable of doing good work as LEO, Fire, and EMS and at the same time, seen our share of adults who did not have the maturity to do the jobs. 
  • You must have a willingness and desire to work in cooperation with your fellow NCDPS personnel in service of the citizens of San Andreas.
  • To apply, follow the link in our Discord to the DPS Application Form.