Welcome to New Chance Roleplay. Your New Chance for roleplay!


We've all been there with other servers. Childish owners and/or staff. Departments arguing with each other about who is the best department. Strict Dual Clanning rules. Limitations on being in multiple departments. The issues go on and on and these issues tend to lead to the downfall of many servers. At New Chance RP, we work to provide an RP experience free from as many of these common issues as possible.

  • New Chance RP is adult owned and managed.
  • As opposed to having multiple LEO departments, Fire, EMS, etc..., we have taken a different approach. The New Chance Department of Public Safety is a single department that operates LEO, Fire/Rescue, EMS, and State operated Tow/Roadside Assistance. Every NCDPS member is trained for all aspects of DPS operations so if one day you want to be a firefighter and the next you want to patrol the streets as LEO or run a tow truck, you are free to do so as a member of NCDPS. Additionally, both heads of NCDPS as well as multiple ranking personnel have IRL experience in various aspects of emergency services including law enforcement, fire service, search and rescue, public safety diving, and EMS. 
  • Very open Dual Clanning policy. Registered Civilians and most DPS ranks are permitted to RP on other servers anytime they choose. We all have friends spread out across the FiveM community and know that just because you leave a community, the friends you made there may not come with you and we understand you may still want to RP with them at times and want you to be able to do so. We only ask that you remain active here as well. Even the high ranked DPS personnel and NCRP Staff are permitted to RP on other servers with the restriction being your primary server needs to be NCRP. 
  • Friendly and helpful staff team that works to provide an enjoyable experience for all members while maintaining a strict zero tolerance policy against those who only come to cause problems for others. Anyone who is serious about wanting to roleplay is welcome at NCRP. Anyone who just wants to cause everyone problems and ruin the experience for others are removed as fast as possible. 


New Chance Roleplay has been around for a couple years now but last summer due to busy schedules and declining activity, in part due to some of the same issues mentioned above, we decided to shut down. It did not take long at all before we realized a few things. 

  1. We missed having a server to go have fun and relax on.
  2. Many of our community members came to us saying how much they missed NCRP, especially after going and checking out other communities. The response was overwhelming that we needed to come back.
  3. As much as our community members missed being here, we missed RPing with them. 

So the directors and remaining staff and department members started talking about the issues we had seen towards the end and start developing plans to address them prior to bringing the community public again. Things like combining all the departments into the NCDPS, relaxed dual clanning policy, and a simpler CIV department structure are all part of the changes we have been working on as part of the rebuilding process. 

We invite everyone who is looking for a new home for roleplay to come check us out!

For more information, be sure to join our Discord!



We will be working on a new promotion video very soon but for now, here is our old one :)