San Andreas Medical Services, SAMS, is here in your time of emergency. SAMS operates 2 divisions.

  • Our Hospital division is comprised of a highly skilled team of nurses, doctors, surgeons, and psychiatrists are ready and willing to treat any and all injuries. Everything from heart attacks and gunshot wounds all the way down to the papercut you got while rolling your latest blunt, we are here for you!
  • Our Emergency Medical Services division operates our fleet of Ambulances crewed with skilled EMTs and Paramedics to start life saving care at the site of the emergency to stabilize patients and transport them to the Hospital where our Hospital staff can take over. This field level care is critical to ensure the survival of victims. 


If you would like to join our department, do the following:

  • Register in our CAD system
  • Join our Discord (
  • Register to become an applied CIV
  • Once all the above is completed, check the dept-apps channel in our Discord (located under the HELP & INFO section) for the appropriate application command and enter that command in our General text channel. Once you enter the command, it will create a special channel to continue your application in. These channels will be located at the very top of our Discord channel lists. 
  • NOTE: The EMS division and Hospital Division each have their own application so be sure to apply to the division you wish to join.