By excelling as a criminal justice leader in the delivery of quality services, the San Andreas State Highway Patrol will ensure San Andreas is a safe place to live or visit.


The San Andreas State Highway Patrol will serve and protect all people by enforcing laws and providing services to ensure a safe and secure environment.


The San Andreas State Highway Patrol believes public trust and respect must be earned and are essential to attain our vision and accomplish our mission. To maintain public trust and respect, we embrace the following values:


Integrity: Uncompromising principle; honest; steadfast adherence to a strict ethical code.


Responsibility: Accountability; trustworthiness; use of good judgment.


Respect: Fairness without prejudice; appreciation for diversity.


Professionalism: High standards; dedicated to our mission; unified in purpose.


Resourcefulness: Creativity; the ability to be effective in difficult situations.


Compassion: Concern with human welfare; ability to appreciate the feelings or emotions of Others.


Character: We are committed to respecting individual dignity in all people and to provide services in a fair, consistent, and impartial manner to the best of our ability. As caring and innovative professionals, the men and women of the San Andreas State Highway Patrol will strive to maintain a safe environment through a service orientated organization capable of addressing the most complex challenges that confront us.


Commitment: We are committed to providing services from knowledgeable, capable, and willing employees. We are committed to respecting each employee as an individual and for his or her role in the department. We are committed to maintaining a sense of pride and camaraderie within our department and to having a workplace where employees are supportive of each other and loyal to the values and commitments of the department.


If you would like to join our department, do the following:

  • Register in our CAD system
  • Join our Discord (
  • Register to become an applied CIV
  • Once all the above is completed, check the dept-apps channel in our Discord (located under the HELP & INFO section) for the appropriate application command and enter that command in our General text channel. Once you enter the command, it will create a special channel to continue your application in. These channels will be located at the very top of our Discord channel lists.