Los Santos Fire Department


LSFD MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the Los Santos Fire Department is to minimize loss of life and property from fires, natural disasters, and other life threatening situations in a professional manner. We all know San Andreas can be a dangerous place to live and while our law enforcement officers do everything they can to keep it safe, things happen and people need saving. LSFD is always ready to respond at a moments notice to come to the aid of our fellow citizens. Your house or favorite bar catches fire, you crash your favorite ride, dear loved one has a heart attack, wrong place at the wrong time during a robbery, we are here to help! While we strive to be there for every call, sometimes there are too many calls. This is where you come in! We are always looking for new cadets who want to do everything they can to help their fellow citizens. Prior experience, while always helpful, is not required. We have several seasoned personnel ready and will to teach you everything you need to know!

The LSFD's primary roles are to respond to Fire and Rescue situations (Fires, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Water Rescues, Search and Rescue). Additionally, LSFD personnel are trained Medical First Responders and respond to medical emergencies to assist the EMTs and Paramedics from the San Andreas Medical Services. If you want to operate the big trucks, fight fires, and cut people from their cars so medics can treat them, this is the place to be. If your preference is more focused on the medical side, then consider joining San Andreas Medical Services.



If you would like to join our department, do the following:

  • Register in our CAD system
  • Join our Discord (Discord.NewChanceRP.com)
  • Register to become an applied CIV
  • Once all the above is completed, check the dept-apps channel in our Discord (located under the HELP & INFO section) for the appropriate application command and enter that command in our General text channel. Once you enter the command, it will create a special channel to continue your application in. These channels will be located at the very top of our Discord channel lists.